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Cultural Response_2_Musical - Cultural Response#2 Music...

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Cultural Response #2: Music Experience Pops in the Park Ronnie Scrimo 04 November 2010 Thurs 9:30-10:45 AM Word Count: 1095
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Location: Vinoy Park Composer: Johannes Brahms Performed by: Florida Orchestra Title: Hungarian Dance No. 6 Year: 1869 Analysis The Dynamics of this composition are not easily mistaken because the Pitch takes on a wide range, from being so soft you can barely hear it, to so loud you can only hear it. The introduction began with a very subtle melody. In Fact, it was so soft I had to consciously focus in order to hear the music. The A nticipative crowd soon followed me in silence to hear the music play. The anticipation and suspense was broken in about 30 seconds following the soft introduction of what seemed, at first, to be a violent wave of musical anarchy because of the contradiction from the Largo tempo of the beginning sequence. However, I was mistaken. I quickly noticed the beat was an Allegro transition, bringing the music into a state of liveliness, happiness, and rejoice. There were two very brief moments of softness woven into this part as well. I felt a Festive vibration coming from the orchestra. The crowd’s reaction verified my idea that this is when the song was alive; I could mentally and physically visualize dancing at this point. This continued for about one minute. Then, the music abruptly slows down again. Only this time, to the sound of an Andante beat. Additionally, I would describe it as a cautious tempo of uncertainty. It was of an almost dark nature. By the midpoint of the song it concluded by taking a full circle. The tempo slowed down again, followed by speeding up, and finishing with a suspenseful finale. Personal Interpretation
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Cultural Response_2_Musical - Cultural Response#2 Music...

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