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SCAN0009 - <5'3 l 11ng 1 was”_15 ages Rt ace é”...

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Unformatted text preview: <5 '3' l? 11ng 1; was” _.*_15___., ages Rt: + ace é” . Organollthium Aldehyde Gn hard Aldehyde Alcohol _ reggae: or ketone "3395“: W kemne D. Reduction of Carbonyl compounds: 1) “H” 2) H30+ 15.2-15.3, F15.2 m Sodium borohydride (NaBH4) is used for reduction of aldehydes and ketones ONLY. The reaction takes place in ethanol, methanol or water. H HOHf RC— CHO PK) ‘34:? a NaB 4,C 3 or 2 —O,R 7 \——\ htmflfit‘tq 3s ¥Lithium aluminium hydride (LiAlH4) is more reactlve and is used for reduction not only of aldehydes and ketones but also for esters and carboxylie acids that are less reactive. Because LiAlI-L; reacts Violently with methanol, ethanol and water the reaction is carried out in diethyl ether or tetrahydrofuran. Following reduction a separate hydrolysis step is required to liberate the alcohol product. 1) LiAlH4, EtZO 2) H30+ More reactive: Fire /\_ for reduction of R2C=O, RCHO, RCOZR’, (RCOZH) 7 .. Carbonyl Lithium airmail-tum Saline? howitydride m ‘ (93329033115 * hydride mama) (mesa Aldehyde :Hfi‘k Primate; almheé swarm 3‘ {Section 15 2} H \ 9 w 5; listens: new Sweetiery sagas} REHR‘ fimien 15.2 3" i 3 as {3H TN ’ HL‘ Carboxyl": arid agar: t l l ‘ 1‘ ‘ 1 Next Li :3 5 "fiffiniii‘f 5 5.53172»: M t‘ iris??- i‘é‘ waft“: - , {Sealers $.33 , 0 ./ NOE/V2, «.2 l l {a reexylic ester flCClR‘ :1 w; Red used the 5er to be “0 M {Simian 13.3} or eraazrirel yams W E. Diols 1 5.5 [ Osmium tetraoxidel is a key reactant in the conversion of alkenes to vicinal diols. The reaction is called hydroxylation and proceeds by syn addition to the double bond. ...
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