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NOTES - >\U~(‘ 530‘ t" «3e “jg/l HO BOW/I 2...

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Unformatted text preview: _ >\\\'\U~(‘ 530‘ t " «3e “jg/l HO \/ BOW/I 2) For each transformation below, indicate Whether the organic substrate is oxidized, reduced, or remams the same oxidation state. m: 5‘)?“ OK; dim (more 6'0 brag» a. VWOH ; Zntfig’l HCI a. (:16 ECHZOCHZCHa ’ ‘ 4) Provide seven different syntheses for the molecule below. Starting material or reagents must be different to be counted as a different synthesis. Ar? .See Qmumfi @0084 ‘m ems 7,, fire E*"_,_.~._hr_ V..___e.~_._______... -._-_..‘.-.__—77.~_h “A. ...
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