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Chapter 7: Magazines The John Johnson Dynasty Born in Arkansas, fatherless at 8, moved to Chicago Attended University of Chicago while working for a life insurance company; collected African- American news to compile a weekly digest Interested in Life and Look ; began Ebony in 1943; Jet in 1951; Ebony now boasts 12 readers/month Later added largest fashion show in the world, cosmetics, radio stations; died in 2005; family carries on the dynasty. The Magazine Industry More specialized than the other media; not published more than once a week. Audience even more fragmented by: profession, interest, demographic or other characteristics; Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), independent circulation-auditing organization, has numerous members: 802 consumer, 213 business, 23 farm. Magazine vs. Newspapers Mags tend to feature more long-form writing, either news & analysis or features & human interest; some fiction, majority news. Mags published at regular intervals, but not as frequently as newspapers; some monthly, but weekly & quarterly more common; lent itself to more interpretation than newspapers. Mags published on higher quality paper stock, meant to be kept longer; some intentionally smaller or larger than eight and a half by 11 inches. 3 Basic Services of Magazines Provide a democratic literature of high quality (sometimes useless fare, but also serious) Played an important role in economics of literature (book excerpts make readers’ interests peak); mags on the supermarket & drugstore shelves represent a very small variety of mags published in the U.S. Furnish an invaluable contemporaneous history of the times (digital search engines to begin research) By the end of the 20 th century, growth in mag circulations greatly exceeded the population growth.
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Development of Magazines Arabic word, “makazin,” or storehouse Mags were storehouses of info The Gentlemen’s Magazine , in England in 1731, was a blend of letters, essays, reprints of British Magazines 1 st English-speaking magazine in London, 1704, Daniel Defoe’s Review ; published 2-3 times a week Tatler , founded by Sir Richard Steele, in 1709; reporters published essays based on coffeehouse conversations; Steele later helped Joseph Addison start The Spectator in 1711. The Gentlemen’s Magazine , founded by Edward Cave, 1 st time the word “magazine” used; intelligent content, sophisticated distribution system; read throughout the English-speaking world. The Early Magazine Industry Andrew Bradford’s American Magazine (debuted in 1741; only 3 issues). Ben Franklin’s
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Chapter 7 Notes - Chapter 7 Magazines The John Johnson...

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