GPOS from SW,Seabrook, Grace & Tylenol

GPOS from SW,Seabrook, Grace & Tylenol - Comm 483...

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Comm 483: Senior Seminar in Public Relations Goals/Publics/Obj/Strategies from Cases 1 Best of   Goals, Publics, Objectives, Strategies  from Fellow Students   Kodak: Possible Goal To motivate employees to recommit to Kodak’s new vision Seabrook Station   Possible Goals: Gain support for the development and operation of Seabrook Power Plant Create an environment conducive to the approval and success of the Seabrook Station Power Plant. Build a reputation as responsible power plant operator and community citizen. Possible Publics: Key Employees Residents living 10 miles from plant Employers/companies operating 10 miles from plant Community leaders Regulators/elected officials Secondary Residents within 25 miles Employers/companies within 25 miles Investors Intervening: Media Activists Community Leaders School officials/science teachers Employee Volunteers Objectives Offered: Educate residents within 10-mile radius of the benefits of nuclear power in year leading up to approval process OR Increase awareness of the benefits of Seabrook Station by 10 percent before the public hearings. Inform residents within the 10-mile radius of the safety procedures, including the evacuation plan, within the next 3 months. Involve 50 employee volunteers in community activities during next 6 months Increase school participation by 20 percent in Science Center programming during the next 9 months. Suggested Strategies: Create educational materials answering consumer questions about Nuclear Power prior to public hearings. Make Seabrook synonomous with civic participation Ally with moderate advocacy groups Put a face on Seabrook plant by encouraging employee volunteerism Set up communication channels to alert community leaders of problems before grapevine Create channels for employees to learn information about Seabrook issues and plans before announcing them to the public.
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Comm 483: Senior Seminar in Public Relations Goals/Publics/Obj/Strategies from Cases 2 American Chemistry Council Possible Goals To create a voluntary performance improvement initiative that improves trust of chemical companies in local communities and the nation Build trust among Americans about the importance of chemistry and chemical companies through the Responsible Care program Suggested Objectives Increase awareness of ACC’s guiding principles among member companies by 10% this year Increase awareness of Responsible Care initiative in an additional 15 communities during the year Improve turn out at CAPs by 30% by the 5 th meeting Tylenol : Some are from Tylenol executives, some from textbooks and some from students.
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GPOS from SW,Seabrook, Grace & Tylenol - Comm 483...

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