L2B UMD Publics

L2B UMD Publics - College Park PG County Local businesses...

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UMD Publics:  There are lots of ways to identify publics, which we review on Week 6. Wilson indicates starting with grid of all publics. For  UMD’s—how they relate to the U   (on ELMS) Prototype Publics UMD 1.  Consumers/students Undergrad, grad/ 4 year/transfer Commuters/on-near campus 2.  Prospects/students Maryland Surrounding states/ nationally Top GPA Students/Scholars 3.  Other consumer Parents 4.  Employees Faculty, staff 5.  Management Administration/USM/Regents 6.  Investors  None, but we have  7.  Payers Donors, Employers, State  7.  Customers/Prospects         Students, prospects, families 8.  Suppliers/vendors  (those who are affected/influenced by us)   Text book publishers  Technology cos                                              Contractors    9.  Community  (neighbors,schools, churches, businesses, community groups…)
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Unformatted text preview: College Park PG County Local businesses 10. Businesses (can be community) Local-area employers Employers who hire grads 11. Govt. regulators, legislators: Local/PG and CP State/Assembly – funding Federal (funding, grants &regulations) 12. Other oversight: NCAA Accrediting bodies 12. Other vested : Alumni Donors Fans 13. Intervening: Who Can change or affect the problem Media: US News and those who rate colleges Activists: those opposing ratings Govt: who regulate and fund...
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L2B UMD Publics - College Park PG County Local businesses...

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