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Research, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation The Four-Step Process Different organizations and different authors use different acronyms:  RPIE, RACE, PPAE , etc. Whatever you call it, public relations planning is typically addressed as a four-step process. o Research o Planning/Analysis o Implementation/Execution/Communication o Evaluation Tip:  Start at the beginning. Don’t rush to solutions or jump into tactics before research and objectives. Step 1: Research Research is the systematic gathering of information to describe and understand a situation; check  assumptions about publics and perceptions, and check the public relations consequences. Research helps define the problem and publics. o WHO do we want to reach? o WHAT do we want them to DO?
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o WHAT messages do we want to communicate to each public that will: Encourage desired behavior? Increase knowledge? Change attitudes? APR STUDY GUIDE   © 2010 UNIVERSAL ACCREDITATION BOARD   PAGE 39 Research Terms o Primary or secondary o Formal or informal o Qualitative or quantitative o Scientific method Research Methods What decision will be made from the research, and what information is required to 
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RPIE -- APR doc - Research, Planning, Implementation and...

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