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FORMAL RESEARCH ASSESS Surveys Strengths opinion leaders Intercept interview Weaknesses dit Experiments Opportunities Observation Threats Benchmark/baseline data gathering and analysis, to determine “Where are we now?” [Force Fields +/-] y each is important) o goal Face-to-face meeting Time – long and short term Behavior – Knowledge – Attitude ------ Information/Education Realistic Customers Attainable/Obtainable ------------------------------------------- Measurable t 1-2 for each public COntext Media Speakers CApability PSAs and VNRs CLarity ual Reports CHannels Testimonials Newsletters COtent net News Releases CRedibility COntinuity/Consistency s pecific objectives w/ specific publics by specific time e met objectives listed under Planning and GOALPOST INFORMAL: Focus groups
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Unformatted text preview: FORMAL: d short Interview influentials Surveys Attitude Trend Analysis Intercept interviews __ Observation Content Analysis Complaint Review Public Relations is a management function that establishes and maintains open communications and mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the publics on whom its success of failure depends. Key roles of PR counselor: An alyze – An ticipate – Ad vise – Ad just (An2Ad2) R Research P Planning/Strategy Diffusion of Innovation Barriers to Comm Lewin I Implementation Support use of each tactic by citing Communications theory; Shannon-Weaver, Shram, Lang, Grunig, 7C’s, Roper, Lippmann, Gallup, etc. E Evaluation...
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