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BCHM464 writing assignment template - A Title that is...

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A Title that is Descriptive of Your Experimental Outcome Student Author* and Lab Partner Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. [email protected] Submission Date Running title: this should be 50 characters. ABSTRACT: Type your abstract here. It should be less than 150 words and should provide a summary of the purpose, the experiments carried out and the results. Don't be afraid to include specific conclusions, such as the k cat and K M values for the wild type and mutant enzymes. KEYWORDS: You should insert 3-5 keywords relevant to the report you are writing. Introduction . Please begin your lab report here. You should provide a short introduction appropriate to the experiment and its outcome. The exception to this is the first lab report which will have a significant “introduction” as it will be more like a literature review on your protein of interest. You will, however, have some experimental data and will need to include the remainder of sections described below. 1
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The goal of the introduction is to provide the reader with enough background that they are able to understand the nature, scope and significance of the problem when you tell them the problem you are investigating. The key here is to make sure that everything you say in this section conveys something relevant. Subheadings can be used to subdivide the introduction as appropriate. Proofreading is essential! There is NO EXCUSE to turn in papers with misspellings and poor grammar. The red and green squiggles underneath your words might mean something is wrong and deserve your attention. Do not believe that Microsoft is infallible though. For example, see the green squiggle under “Materials and Methods” below? Microsoft thinks that it recognizes a sentence fragment (which it does) but it is not smart enough to differentiate between a sentence fragment and a section heading. Materials and Methods . You should describe the materials you used and your experimental procedures here. You should use articles from Biochemistry as a model for your writing. This should read like a scientific article, not like a lab manual or cook book. This should be written in past tense. Do NOT use first person in writing this section.
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BCHM464 writing assignment template - A Title that is...

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