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Angle plotting - and toward the head is 180° the turn...

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Some ideas for plotting the cockroach escape angle data: It will make a significant difference whether you plot turn angle or response angle 1) Histograms: there are a couple of possibilities; requires a lot of data, but it sounds like each section probably has plenty when shared 2) X-Y plot: a couple of possibilities here also; x-axis would be stimulus angle; in the best version, you need to convert the stimulus angle so that a stimulus from behind is 0°
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Unformatted text preview: and toward the head is 180° - the turn angle remains as: straight ahead = 0° 3) Polar plot: the most interesting, possibly the best; in one possible way, it ʼ s like a circular histogram with the distance from the center = the frequency and use a series of polar plots; alternatively you could plot it with the distance from the center as the mean response angle If the plot types are unfamiliar, you can Fnd explanation of the web...
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