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ancient myth essay 1 - Ginter 1 The Zuni and Ugandan Views...

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Ginter 1 The Zuni and Ugandan Views on Creation of the Earth Lee Ginter Shawn Youngblood Ancient Mythology 16 July 2010 Throughout the centuries of mankind, humans have developed different traditions to explain the foundation of their existence. Through their stories, which today are known
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Ginter 2 as myths, the traditions of creation have been passed down through the generations of mankind. People believed that these suggestions were perfectly valid for the explanation of their being, but on the other hand, the justifications of the creation of their existence seem erroneous in the eyes of humans today. Throughout the ages of man, one question that every civilization has tried to answer is the question of where man came from and why we are here. The Zuni people of North America and the Uganda people of Africa both have proposed their own ideas toward this grand question. The daylight world is where the Zuni people believe that they live in today. It took a journey through four other worlds to reach this current place. They climbed “prayer sticks” which were created from the branches of four different trees planted by two gods facing the four cardinal directions, north, east, south, and west. Each world the people climbed gave them more hope, given the increasing light that appeared as they got closer to the daylight world. Once they finally reached the daylight world, they rejoiced by shedding tears of happiness as they finally stood in the rays of the sun. This is different in the way that the Uganda people view how the world was formed. Ugandans believed that everything originated as chaos, a mass of nothingness, except for a man named Kintu and his cow wandering the earth. There were no different “levels” where people lived, just the earth and disorder. The cow was able to provide Kintu with everything needed to live. Food, water, company, everything until one day the cow was stolen by the god Mugulu. During this instance, a tree appeared spontaneously which helped to provide Kintu with his needs by chewing on the bark. This occurrence of things
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ancient myth essay 1 - Ginter 1 The Zuni and Ugandan Views...

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