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Accardi Rhetorical Appeals Logos : the traditional name for appeals to reason or logic. A logical argument appeals to the mind. It proposes a probable position and supports that position with facts and data as evidence. Logos is also concerned with the formal logic of a statement, such as: Does it make sense? Does one part follow another? Does the evidence support and strengthen the point being made? Examples of appeals to logos : statistics, research evidence, cause/effect presentation. Pathos : the traditional name for appeals to emotions or values. Think of pathos as ways for moving an audience to do what you’d like them to do—change their position, agree with you, or take action. Ask yourself: How might I involve or move my audience with this issue? What kinds of emotions or values might move them on a “gut level”? Greed, fear, anger, guilt, and sympathy can all be powerful pathetic devices. Examples of appeals to
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