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 Exit Letter . . . An exit letter is a specific piece of writing, a formal letter,  which details your  experience in a job: any troubles you experienced, how you solved them.  It  also details your successes and sums up the experience and the job  environment and how it has increased your knowledge. Always cast yourself and your employer in the best light possible.  Even if you  have had problems in the position and do not particularly like the employers,  there are tactful ways to tell the truth. Do not place blame.  This could come  back to haunt you later in your career.  Keep all your public transactions polite,  and to the point. Employers often ask people who are moving from one department to another,  and especially if they are leaving the company, to write such a letter. Large 
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Unformatted text preview: companies keep these letters on file, and if they are contacted for references can refer to them. It also lets management know of any in house problems; problems that, when someone was an employee, they thought it best not to mention. It can forecast potential problems in all areas of an organization and can pinpoint success areas. This is your statement as a potential professional. I look forward to seeing what you have learned about business writing from reading this letter, and expect that you write using the principles of professional writing that you have learned . In other words, I will take it very seriously....
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