Mini Lecture 15 Cinematic Divergences III

Mini Lecture 15 Cinematic Divergences III - Mini-Lecture...

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Mini-Lecture 15: Cinematic Divergences III This is intended as a directed viewing guide, not as a comprehensive discussion of all of the divergences between The Return of the King and Jackson’s film adaptation of it. This is also our final film, marking the end of our journey through both Tolkien’s and Jackson’s Middle-earth. Please consider the following (you may want to make some notes in the space provided): 1. The story of Smeagol. This film opens with an extended reenactment of how Deagol discovers the ring, Smeagol’s immediate, overwhelming, murderous desire to possess it, and his subsequent devolution into who we know as Gollum. All of this history Gandalf had rather briefly told Frodo long ago, back in The Fellowship of the Ring . Why does Jackson begin the final film with this narrative? Does it serve to create sympathy for Gollum as we approach the end of his/our journey into Mordor? 2. Gollum and the denigration of Sam. The film continues the narrative of tension between Sam and Gollum, heightening this to a level not seen in the epic. In fact, this persistent tension and how Gollum’s treachery eventually causes Frodo not only to doubt Sam but even to repudiate him is a dramatic element, begun in “The Two Towers,” unique to the film. Sam and Frodo never have a falling-out, there is no “stolen” lembas, and Sam never even comes close to coveting the ring, as he does in this film. Note how cleverly Jackson prepares us for this added dramatic narrative strand – long before Gollum accuses Sam, Gollum has been
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Mini Lecture 15 Cinematic Divergences III - Mini-Lecture...

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