Mini-Lecture 13 Cinematic Divergences II

Mini-Lecture 13 Cinematic Divergences II - Mini-Lecture 13...

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Mini-Lecture 13: Cinematic Divergences II This is intended as a directed viewing guide, not as a comprehensive discussion of all of the divergences between The Two Towers and Jackson’s film adaptation of it. Incidentally, this particular film diverges more significantly from Tolkien’s text than do the other two films. For a more comprehensive list of differences between the two, please visit The Encyclopedia of Arda website’s Movie Goer’s Guides link on the left sidebar. For the link to the Encyclopedia of Arda, Please consider the following (you may want to make some notes in the space provided): 1. Boromir. The novel TT opens with Boromir’s burial. What resonances do you find between this episode and Beowulf , especially with Scyld Shefing’s ship burial? Consider also the songs and laments sung around Beowulf’s burial mound following his burial as precursors to Aragorn’s and Legolas’s songs for Boromir. In what ways does the movie’s handling of Boromir’s burial diverge from Tolkien’s handling of it and its Old English antecedents? 2. The Ents. The film depicts the actions of the Ents in moving against Sarumon quite differently from the epic. The great council of the Ents, called an Entmoot ( moot is an Old Norse word for a council), is depicted very differently in the film, including that the film Ents initially decide not to rise against Sarumon and Isengard (Isengard, by the way, means ice- castle). The later battle of the Ents versus Isengard becomes, in the film, a result of Treebeard’s personal revulsion over Sarumon’s assault on nature. How does this revisioning of the Ents’ decision to enter the battle change what Tolkien initially offers? Also, Tolkien takes great pains to emphasize the deeply contemplative nature of these very ancient beings, reflected in part in how long it takes them to deliberate at the council. How does Jackson’s handling of the Ent episode affect your understanding of their nature as compared to what
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Mini-Lecture 13 Cinematic Divergences II - Mini-Lecture 13...

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