2-10 - standpoint(therefore lack permanence It’s all...

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Media Explosion- era of unlimited media and unlimited exposure to media -analogy: unrelenting tidal wave of exposure to various media -level of exposure to media content is at all time high -serious diminishment of traditional notions of privacy -bc tech is wherever we go -Private Practices- are opening out into public spaces -everything becomes a drama played out in full public view -Jerry Springer: family arguments for the audience to see! Technonomadicity- ppl no longer stuck at home, but because of tech like cell phones, ipods, and laptops, we are now movable forms of communication and can send and receive a wide variety of texts, images, etc. -Media Explosion led to this. -also part of the diminishment of privacy (see Media Explosion) Virtual Plenitude- recognition of the Media Explosion, plentiful bombardment of media, but the images are fleeting, lacking permanence. -there is a Media Explosion, but because of that we are giving so much media, that nothing really sticks -the media images/texts/etc aren’t anchored by any historical, political, etc
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Unformatted text preview: standpoint. (therefore lack permanence!) It’s all about now. -we just consume the -a vanishing present streaking by-They give a sense of things, a look of things, but nothing concrete-no time for contemplation-image itself is ALL THAT MATTERS Speed Component of Media Explosion-discussion comes from Todd Gitlin research-break neck speed is the common condition of modern life-why? The technology is so advance, people can alter/shift/change material and themselves.-Gitlin says life today is an “Era of Impermanence” -so much can be changed, morphed, and reinvented instantly by technology.-can lead to a culture of instability-Todd Gitlin 1. The Undermining of Contemplation 2. The Death of Imagination-technology is so advanced and just puts out as much fucking product as possible-recycling of movies, books, etc. 3. Speed often does not equate with quality-just bc tech lets us put together so much so fast, doesn’t mean it’s good quality...
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2-10 - standpoint(therefore lack permanence It’s all...

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