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2-15 - and not those “isms”-The Questioning of...

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Pre modernist era -marked by myths and superstitions Modernist Era -from Enlightenment (1700s) to the 1960s -uses reasoning, logic, ideals and values. Postmodern Era: -1960s (advent of media explosion) to present Postmodern approaches to pop culture: Postmodernism: serious critique of the ideals of the modernist era. Lamenting their passing, but arguing they have been obliterated in the era of media and technological dominance Postmodern Era critique of Modernist Era: -The Questioning of Epistemology: the unquestioning faith in science, medicine, technology, media, and politics. -The Questioning of Metanarratives: -during modernist era there was great faith in understanding global human conduct and behavior through great “isms” or history (aka capitalism, socialism, etc) -ultimately questions if we can even begin to understand the complex thing of a “human global conduct” through the “isms” and if it’s even reliable anymore since we are more impacted by media and technology
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Unformatted text preview: and not those “isms”-The Questioning of Technology:-Is it really our savior? Or are we sometimes more of a slave to our tech?-Questioning of Reality-our understanding of reality is not so much through what we experience, but our understanding of reality is filtered to us through how the media portrays it.-How media represents reality trumps our experience of reality-Questioning of Identity or Self-in the era of the Media Explosion, the impact of Media not only impacts how we understand reality, but also how we understand ourselves and our identity. Media representation of self and identity is what we adopt, instead of through our own experiences.-identity is socially constructed (modernism) – identity is constructed by media representation (post modernism) MEDIA PAPER-Analyzing deeper themes and meanings according to a certain approach (post modernism, feminism, etc)...
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