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Postmodernism -aggressive critique of modernist theories and ideals -example: modernist ideal- Epistemology -understanding the world through science, religion, knowledge, etc. especially through the “isms” (communism, socialism, etc.) -Postmodern: says that we understand world now through what the media feeds us. -Postmodern also questions modernist’s faith in techonology Characteristics of Modernity 1. Progress 2. Optimism 3. Rationality- if you live enough and experience enough, you can make rational decisions 4. The Search for Absolute Knowledge- people should at least attempt to search for an Absolute Knowledge 5. The Search for the True Self- if you live enough, experience enough, and strive enough, you should attempt and have a shot at finding ur true self. Characteristics of Postmodernity 1. Exhaustion- end of modernist ideals and characteristics
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Pessimism- pessimism bc the ideals are in fact depleting 3. Irrationality- notion of “rationality” is being questioned because how rational can we be when so much is coming at us so fast? 4. Disillusionment in Attaining Absolute Knowledge and the True Self –don’t think that we can find either of these because of the era we live in that is impacted so much by mass media. Historical Evolution of Identity-Pre-modern Identity-kinship system- one is born into their role-Modern Identity-identity made through lived human experiences-PostModern Identity-social fragmentation, fissure, ruptures-our Identity is made nowadays by the social institutions of our culture, like media, school, etc. (esp. media)-argument here: Media constructs our identity...
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