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Diss: Post modern approach to pop culture Historical Evolution of Identity -Pre-Modern Identity -Kinship System: identity was said to be in a stable condition. Born into role -Modern Identity identity in crisis. People have choices about their roles and identities due to growth of literacy, scientific method, logic and reasoning. -Postmodern Identity -social life is must faster and much more complex. Ppl now have numerous options about self, ID, role, jobs, etc. We’re juggling a number of roles, IDs, and jobs at the same time. Meanwhile, society is starting to fragment (bc media explosion makes social institutions of family, church,
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Unformatted text preview: God, etc. are not necessary and are crumbling)-Characteristics of Postmod Lit:-Social Fragmentation-Social Fissures-Social Ruptures-The selves achieved during modernity are vanishing in the wake of media culture, rampant consumerism, and growing bureaucracy. Jean Baudrillard-characterizes Postmodern Era as a relentless wave of imagery-people are now OBSESSED with images and representation-Hyper-Reality-media’s representation leads us to a condition of hyper-reality.-we are perceiving world from media representation of reality instead of real human experience-Representation has trumped reality...
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