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Emily Kindt Dr. David Williams Literature of the 1960’s 13 Feb. 2011 The Circle The society that we live in has been created to shape our lives. The government has established social norms, morals, and laws that are used to brainwash the society into how a perfect civilization should exist. Individuals in the society that do not follow these rules and regulations are frowned upon and referred to as outcasts. In reality though, who is to say those norms, morals, and laws are to be the only way of living? Throughout the centuries the standards of our society have changed. The rules were established in the first place to make the society a better place. In the past, the governing system has a way of utterly confusing the society because the government makes new rules and disregards others as time goes on. The people at the top of the social chain that make the final decisions are usually wealthy, white, and well educated individuals. I am assuming it is hard for these people to not be selfish when it comes to finalizing the rules that will govern the country. After all, it is human nature to put your needs before others. With that being said, your intuitional feelings are always inside of you, but only the people who act on it are the ones that can be punished for it. The society is a circle and the sane are the ones on the inside living in it, while the insane are pushed towards the outside. Being pushed outside the inner circle of the society does not automatically insinuate that you are insane. In fact, insanity exists in all of us. The plight in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey is between the sane and insane. The time frame in which this book is intended for is the late 1950’s. During this time
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period, a new era arose of the sexual revolution and the idea of “letting it all hang loose.” The two literary poles in the book are the structured and anal Nurse Ratched and the dirty, ignorant Randle McMurphy. Nurse Ratched represents the idea of Arminianism, while McMurphy’s character symbolizes Antinomianism. Ratched’s character is a perfectionist that wants to defy nature and consume the role of the male by controlling the mental ward. She wears a stiff white uniform that oppresses her sexuality because it does not show off her large breasts. She also represents the head of the body because she is logical and rational. She is the bitch that tries to manipulate the patients into what she thinks is normal. McMurphy is the emotional, independent, sexual, red-headed Irish man that is symbolically bringing the era of the hippies into the 1960’s. He thinks with his heart and acts out on his emotions. In the “circle” of society that is established, Nurse Ratched would be directly in the middle. She is employed by a mental institution to help those patients that cannot yet be placed anywhere in the “circle” of society. It is her job to make the patients that are considered insane normal again, so they can begin to take part in society. Ratched wants to make sure the beastly
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Lit 1960s 1 - Emily Kindt Dr. David Williams Literature of...

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