Chapter 2 Outline

Chapter 2 Outline - • Childhood Diseases—asthma lead...

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Chapter 2 Outline of Topics: Changing Demographics Families—single, etc. Working Families—working mothers Fathers—new interest in Family strengthening Diversity: Immigration ELLs Achievement Gap Socio-economic issues: Poverty and its consequences—affects on achievement, etc. Education—school failure and dropout Housing Wellness and Healthy Living Obesity New Preschool Food Pyramid
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Unformatted text preview: • Childhood Diseases—asthma, lead poisoning, etc. • Child abuse and neglect (Move material • from pages 477-480 here • Children’s mental; health Stress Bullying Early childhood reform • Growth of preschools • Content of ECE—literacy, math, STEM • Research about the impact of high quality programs • Research that changes our understanding of early learning...
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