Chapter 12 outline

Chapter 12 outline - the differences between these grades....

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Chapter 12  school/out of school, money spent on children- manicures, facials, hair-dos, birthday parties What is the world like for this age group in terms of school environment and social world?  Contrast between the haves and have nots- connection to the on-going achievement gap What is schooling like in grades one, two, and three? Look at each grade individually. Convey 
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Unformatted text preview: the differences between these grades. p. 342- Social Development p. 347-Primary Education Today (start here) What is the curriculum at each grade level? Look at different schools and how each school approaches the curriculum Mathematics- focal points, TEKs, ideas addressed at different grade levels- also for other content areas Primary Grade schedules, how teachers run their day? First Six Weeks of School- groups, brainstorm as class, in & out of class...
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