Outline Chapter 5

Outline Chapter 5 - are applied in society and...

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Outline Chapter 5 Briefly review the salient points of all the theories in this chapter. Constructivism—stress what it is and why it is so important in ECE Piaget’s Theory Vygotsky Theory Stress the Zone of Proximal Development (with examples) and Scaffolding (with examples) Tools of the Mind (Bedrova) Maslow Stress how teachers must meet the needs of children based on socio-economic status, maternal education, single parent hood working parents, gender, etc. Broffenbrenner Stress the different systems and show how they work or
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Unformatted text preview: are applied in society and schools/classrooms Erikson (We will apply this theory to the Chapters on infants, preschool, etc. No lecture on Gardner Applied Behavioral Analysis • Emphasize what it is • Emphasize how it is applied with all children , but especially with children with children with disabilities Bilingual Education theories and practices Introduce and start to stress how theories apply to: Diversity Disabilities ELLS...
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Outline Chapter 5 - are applied in society and...

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