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types of assessment - Types of Assessments Formal...

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Types of Assessments Formal Assessments: provide data using standardized tests or procedures under controlled conditions. Quantitative results. Achievement tests: measure the current level of a student’s performance in a variety of areas. Each main area has subtests. Norm-referenced: assessments given under controlled conditions so that groups with similar backgrounds can be compared. Tells how a person compares with others. Criterion-referenced: enable teachers to compare a student’s performance to a predetermined goal. For state-designed criterion- referenced tests, the goals are aligned with the state standards. Tells what a person is able to do. Informal Assessments: assessments are usually teacher-designed, criterion-referenced, or performance-based. Qualitative as well as qualitative results. Screening Assessments: assessments used to identify students who are at risk in a particular area of learning Diagnostic Assessments: assessments used to examine students’ skills and instructional needs more closely.
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