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Unformatted text preview: Understanding the Nature Of Geoscience Science Notebook Nature of ESS Reflection In your Notebook, answer the following questions: What is Earth and Space science? What is the process of doing Earth and Space science? Phase 1: 3 Minutes • Select 5-6 cards from the pile at your table. • Read through the cards and determine which ones you agree with and which ones you don’t. Phase 2: 5 Minutes • Form pairs. • Compare your cards and select 4-6 with which you both most agree. • Each person must contribute at least 2 cards. • Set aside the remaining cards. Science Notebook Phase 3: Collaborative Write (20 minutes) • Find another pair to form a group of 4. • As a foursome, select ~6 cards with which you most agree (each pair must contribute at least 3 cards). • Set aside the remaining cards • As a group, construct a group paragraph (or paragraphs) that describe the nature of science & how science is done. • Write your paragraph on one of the provided white boards. Science Notebook Phase 3: Collaborative Write (20 minutes) Performance Expectations for Collaborative Write: • As a group construct a paragraph answering the question, As what is Earth & Space science and how is it done? • All group members should participate in the writing of the paragraph. Do not rewrite the statements on the cards verbatim, write the ideas in the group’s own words as much as possible. • This is an informal writing activity; however, be sure to use complete sentences. Also, try to be clear and concise in your description. Science Notebook Nature of ESS Reflective Prompt After thinking, talking, and writing about the nature of After nature Earth and Space science), has your understanding of the process of Earth and space science (what of process Earth and Space science is and how it is done) changed? If so, how and why? ...
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