Oreo Tectonics Lab

Oreo Tectonics Lab - 6 Give students 2 min to accomplish...

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Hook: A box of Oreos in front of the classroom. Picture of an Oreo and the Earth (cutaway  layers) on SmartBoard Objective: 7SCS6C2-PO5 Relate plate boundary movements to their resulting landforms, including mountains, faults, rift  valleys, trenches, and volcanoes. Instruction:  1. Tell students they are going to get a treat but ask that they not touch it.  2. Ask students to discuss with shoulder partner: How is an Oreo like the Earth?  3. Pass out cookies while students are discussing. 4. Use Popsicle sticks to call on two students to get their responses.  5. Demo how to make oreo into a model of the Earth  a. Pull off top layer of cookie b. Gently break in half c. Place the two broken pieces onto the cream
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Give students 2 min to accomplish step 5 7. Model the 3 types of plate boundaries and have students follow along a. Transform i. Move cookies up and down ii. Give example: San Andreas Fault b. Divergent i. Move cookies apart ii. Give example: African Rift Valley, Mid-Atlantic Ridge c. Convergent i. Move cookies together (try to form a mountain) ii. Give example: Himalayan Mountains 8. Ask students what the cream “mantle” is doing while the cookies are moving? 9. Have students break the “Earth” in half and split it with shoulder partner. 10. While students are doing step 9, pass out assessment 11. Have students eat the cookie while they are completing the assessment....
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Oreo Tectonics Lab - 6 Give students 2 min to accomplish...

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