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Unformatted text preview: Classroom Management & Effective Lesson Planning Assignment: Create 2 measurable lesson plan goals from 2 AAS POs in your content area….. in Teacher Responsibilities: Teacher Lesson Delivery Previewing Task related questions Re-teaching Guided practice Active learning strategies Evaluation Strategies Student Responsibilities: Student Attendance Assignment completion Keeping track of assignments Turning in Class work/Homework Productive behavior Being on task Asking questions/Making connections Social behavior Reducing disruptive behavior Talking appropriately Measurable Performance Objectives/Accountability Objectives/Accountability Lesson objectives remain the same for all Lesson students students Evaluation of your lesson is directly related to Evaluation lesson objective lesson Verbs in your lesson objective relate to Verbs evaluation evaluation Identify Name Describe Construct Demonstrate (See also page 49 in course Packet) Connecting Measurable Objectives with State Standards Objectives “The student will……………….” Include an observable and measurable student Include BEHAVIOR BEHAVIOR Include the CONDITION under which Include CONDITION instruction occurs instruction State the level of performance expected or State CRITERIA CRITERIA Include the area of the curriculum or CONTENT to be addressed CONTENT Example: APTS After group instruction (Condition), the student will write (Behavior) two, measurable lesson plan objectives, each of which is related directly to a PO in the AAS (Content). Each objective will contain the conditions under conditions which learning will occur, student behavior(s) behavior(s) that can be measured, the criteria for mastery, criteria and the content or area in which instruction will content occur (Criteria). Practice: American History Strand 1 Concept 1: Research Skills Skills PO1 Construct charts, graphs, and narratives PO1 using historical data. using Content ____________ (PO) Behavior ____________What will the student do? Behavior What type of production? What Condition ___________ (After a lecture? With a Condition peer? While reading independently? Etc…..) peer? Criteria ____________ % of accuracy? Minimum Criteria number of responses generated? Practice: Foreign and Native Language Standards Language Essentials 3FL-E1 Present Essentials understandable written reports and summaries. summaries. Condition Content Behavior Criteria Assignment: Submit to instructor in writing: Submit 2 measurable lesson plan objectives measurable (include corresponding AAS PO for each) For each lesson plan objective, label the For Condition, Criteria, Content, and Behavior. Behavior. Have a peer edit your work Have ...
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