General Educators, IDEA & 504

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Unformatted text preview: General Educators, IDEA & 504 IDEA In-Class Notes SPE 417 January 2011 Finishing Up: What Do We Know About? NCLB NCLB Stronger Accountability Freedom for States, i.e. Standards & Funds Proven Standards Parent Choice BA or BS State Certification Proficiency in core subject area Highly Qualified Teachers Finishing Up: What Do We Know About? (See also pgs. 3 & 4 in Packet) (See Core Subjects AYP/ Accountability State-wide Assessment Results Graduation and Attendance Rates School ‘labeling’ Target Subgroups Evidence Based Practice State Standards Teacher Practice, NCLB, & Emerging Research Emerging Curriculum Pacing Curriculum Alignment Data Related Tasks New Teacher Skill & Knowledge related to New the inclusion of ELL (reporting subgroup scores) scores) Tutoring Valli & Buese as cited in Bracey-Phi Delta Kappan June 2008. Another Federal Mandate: What is IDEA? IDEA? PL 94-142 1975 FAPE LRE General Education Curriculum State-wide Assessments RTI IDEA 1997 IDEA 2004 IDEA & 504 (Packet pages 5 & 6) IDEA Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1975 Act Identification Evaluation Placement Rights Relevance to Real Life Relevance Find a ‘shoulder partner’. Share real life examples of students with Share disabilities in school settings. Discuss these examples in relationship to your newly acquired information on IDEA & 504. newly Were the student’s rights protected? How do FAPE/LRE relate to this case? How How would you initiate any needed change? Be prepared to share an example from your Be discussion. discussion. Concluding Thoughts: Intersection of IDEA & NCLB and Your Teaching Practice (Packet page 7) (Packet Curriculum Aligned to State Standards for ALL Curriculum students students ALL Students Participate in State & District ALL Assessments Assessments Reporting of Assessment Subgroup Scores Highly Qualified Teachers at the Secondary Highly Level Level References References Cortiella, C. (2006). NCLB and IDEA: What Cortiella, parents of students with disabilities need to know and do. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota, National Center on Educational Out comes. comes. deBettencourt, L.( 2002). Understanding the deBettencourt, differences between IDEA and Section 504. TEACHING Exceptional Children, 34(3), 16-23. TEACHING ...
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