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symbiosis lesson plan - excerpt from a book. Lecture: The...

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Erica Ingenito Jerica Jenkins Nicole Barnes Amanda Bardzinski Arizona Animal Dating Service (A.A.D.S) Grade 8 Class: Life Science AZ Standard: Concept 4: Diversity, Adaptation, and Behavior PO4: Compare the symbiotic and competitive relationships in organisms within a ecosystem Bloom’s Level: Evaluation EQ: Why do animals form symbiotic relationships and how does that effect the environment? Engagement Activity: When students walk into the classroom there will be a stack of card with animals on them in a Ziploc bags on each table. In the front the classroom, there will be pictures of animals being friends. Students will watch a short video clip about Owen and Mzee or read an
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Unformatted text preview: excerpt from a book. Lecture: The teacher lecture about symbiotic relationships such as mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism to the class using a PowerPoint presentation. During this the teacher will explain the next activity. Collaborative Learning Activity: Student will get into groups and view 12 cards in a Ziploc bag at their tables. On each card there will be a picture of an animal on one side and information about the animals on the other side. Within their groups, they match each...
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