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expos final draft 2 - Joleen Martis Vera Eliasova English...

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Joleen Martis Vera Eliasova English 355:101 02/18/09 The Mind’s Advancement’s in Life Everyone is different from one another, certain abilities are prominent in certain people, various perspectives are portrayed in multiple ways, and everyone learns and thinks adversely. The power of the mind adapts to aspects of our lives and can drastically change them. Harry Potter is an acclaimed series that has captivated large audiences. Henry Jenkins’ essay “Why Heather Can Write” exposes the controversy of fan fiction and elaborates on how children are learning outside the classroom, opposing views that believe Harry Potter should be forbidden. Some object to the fantasy world while others embrace and try to become more involved, especially in fan websites. These fan fiction websites empower people to fight back against the injustices, find confidence, work through feelings, reaffirm aspects of their real lives, find advice, develop literary skills, and improve overall. Oliver Sacks’ essay “The Mind’s Eye” demonstrates the greater occurrences and knowledge obtained by the blind. Although some people may be blind their other senses develop to much greater lengths and their minds advance to different understandings. The power of the mind can further advance many aspects of life that may not be obtainable to others or may be very difficult to embrace. Many times we must think differently or express ourselves in other ways in order to address situations or feel comfortable to unravel occurrences. People keep emotions bottled up inside the mind without knowing how to relieve themselves. Some people create a place or, in 1
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this case, a character to release their tensions. Fan Fiction serves as an escape from harsh realities. Many of the contributors of the website reflect their make believe characters with their real life struggles. In Harry Potter, each character comes from different backgrounds and displays unique personalities. For example Harry Potter’s parents both died and now he lives with his vicious uncle and aunt. A member of the fan website stated “orphaned when at 5 when her parents died of cancer, this pure blood witch was sent to live with a family. ..” (Jenkins, 277). This child felt the character of Harry Potter relatable and combined details of her experience with fiction, thus finding a place to cope. The fan website allows people to express themselves and unleash experiences that are similar to the story as well as difficult to discuss. With their pretend characters these people feel more secure and comfortable to release their
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expos final draft 2 - Joleen Martis Vera Eliasova English...

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