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Quinn 5 - Audrey Patocs lecture TA will have office hours...

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2/5/2010 1 Audrey Patocs, lecture TA, will have office hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:30-12:30 in BSB201A. She will announce additional office hours on ELM, closer to the quiz date. Be sure to find your room ahead of time. Some are not easily located! Freeman uses the term “null hypothesis” inappropriately. The null hypothesis is a statistical term that you are currently learning about in tutorials. Freeman is confused and is trying to force a statistical “null hypothesis” into discussions of scientific hypotheses, For Example: The null model (H o ) is a statistical model that states the data may be due to chance. If the probability of H o is < 0.05, it is falsified and H 1 is considered to be statistically significant. Behaviour (Chapter 51) Instinct Learning continuum Group Selection Fallacy Alt i Biology 1MO3 Feb 1/2010 Altruism Kin Selection Reciprocal Altruism
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2/5/2010 2 5 days – head shape with red dot only 3 weeks – own parents!
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