ACCT3371 Syllabus Spring 2011

ACCT3371 Syllabus Spring 2011 - ACCT 3371 Accounting...

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Accounting Information Systems Spring 2011 Instructor: Dr. Jim Stinson, PhD, CPA Office: 360C Melcher Hall Office phone: 713-743-4898 Office hours: 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. MW E-mail: Teaching Assistant availability: to be determined. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTACT DR. STNSON BY WEBCT BLACKBOARD EMAIL. Course Objectives Upon completion of this course the student should: understand business processes be familiar with AIS software tools understand the importance of internal controls be prepared to take a course in auditing have a basic foundation required for the relevant portions of the CPA exam Prerequisites ACCT2332, DISC 2373, 2.0 GPA, junior standing. Course Materials Accounting Information Systems , 11 th (ISBN: 978-0-912503-28-8). Both books should be available at the bookstore or can be obtained from Pearson Prentice Hall, the publisher of the textbook. To purchase online, go to, select Students in the Resources for Students list, select Buy online from a  trusted source and follow the instructions. Microsoft Visio software, available from the Cougar Byte. Lecture guide provided by the instructor (posted to WebCT) Assignments provided by the instructor (posted to WebCT) Course format Class time will consist of lecture, discussion, and software instruction. Powerpoint lecture guides provided by the instructor are posted on WebCT on the ‘Lectures’ organizer page. Download, print (use settings = handouts/pure black and white) and bring to class the Powerpoint lecture guides provided by the instructor that correspond to the text chapter(s) covered in each class meeting. Powerpoint files provided by the text authors also are available on WebCT (Homepage/Chapter List/Chapter/Power-point Presentation). They are a good review the course material, but they will not be used in class . Outside assignments will require familiarity with and use of software relevant to accounting information systems. Performance Evaluation Course grades will be determined as follows: Grade Element Points Percent Total Points Required Grade Data Flow Diagram 20 5 365 - 400 A 20 5 360 - 364 A– Access 20 5 350 – 359 B+ Dynamics GP Progress Questions 20 5 325 – 349 B Exam 1 100 25 320 – 324 B– Exam 2 100 25 310 – 319 C+ Exam 3* 100 25 285 – 309 C Processing Transactions w/Dynamics GP* 20 5 280 – 284 C– 270 – 279 D+ *combined to form comprehensive final exam 245 – 269 D 240 – 244 D– Total 400 100% < 240 F NO INDIVIDUAL EXTRA CREDIT IS AVAILABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. ATTEMPTS TO NEGOTIATE GRADES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
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ACCT3371 Syllabus Spring 2011 - ACCT 3371 Accounting...

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