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Cross-Cultural Psychology Quiz on Chapter 4 1. Studies suggest that individuals from hunter and gatherer cultures have _______ rates of color blindness than/as individuals from agricultural cultures. a. lower b. the same c. higher d. significantly higher e. highly unusual 2. _________ is a quiet and relaxed state of tranquility in which a person achieves an integration of emotions, attitudes, and thoughts. a. Hypnosis b. Aesthetic experience c. Trance d. Meditation e. Sleep 3. The organization of sensations in three dimensions, even though the image on the eye’s retina is two-dimensional, is referred to as __________________. a. depth perception b. difference threshold c. sensory adaptation d. revealing experience e. sensory threshold 4. The _________ suggests that while an ethnic group may excel in a particular sensory task, they may be less adept in others. Yet, in sum, sensory and other cognitive skills are evenly balanced across ethnic groups. a. inequality hypothesis
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