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Answers 106 Quizzes (Chapters 1-12). Answers Quiz 1 Answers: d; d; d; a; b; T; F; T; ethnocentrism; freedom of choice, tolerance, and openness to experience Quiz 2 Answers: d; d; b; c; d; F; T; F; body weight; the bias caused by the desire of participants to give culturally-appropriate answers Quiz 3 Answers: e; c; a; d; e; F; T; T; parataxic; internal attributes Quiz 4 Answers: a; d; a; c; e; T; F; T; landmarks; possession Quiz 5 Answers: b; c; d; b; b; T; T; F; it decreased; disagree, test scored worldwide go up Quiz 6 Answers: c; a; b; d; b; T; F; T; it is typically discouraged, sadness; an older man Quiz 7 Answers: d; e; b; e; d; T; F; T; avoidant procrastinators: they do not perform well under the pressure of deadlines; Western Quiz 8
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Unformatted text preview: Answers: c; c; c; d; a; F; T; T; because they are Arabs, and the majority of Arabs are Muslims plus they live in a predominantly Jewish country; suppressed behavior will not be frequent in clinical settings Quiz 9 Answers: d; b; b; b; a; T; T; F; miracles have occurred in the past and believed that miracles could occur today; Schizoid Personality Disorder Quiz 10 Answers: d; e; d; e; b; F; T; F; assertive and open-minded, but antagonistic; egalitarian Quiz 11 Answers: e; d; e; d; d; F; F; T; social striving; low individualismhigher conformity Quiz 12 Answers: e; b; c; b; c; T; F; T; for fear of dishonoring their families or exposing their family members to arrest or deportation; if a patients conscious consent is given...
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