10 - Class Exercises (with solutions)

10 - Class Exercises (with solutions) - ACC211 NVCC...

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ACC211 NVCC Annandale Mitchell Chapter 10 Class Exercises SOLUTIONS IN RED 1. The following expenditures were incurred by Nationals Company in purchasing land: cash price $69,090, accrued taxes $2,492, attorneys' fees $2,556, real estate broker's commission $2,064, and clearing and grading $3,447. What is the cost of the land? All of the expenditures should be included in the cost of the land. Therefore, the cost of the land is $79,649 , or ($69,090 + $2,492 + $2,556 + $2,064 + $3,447). 2. Braves Company acquires a delivery truck at a cost of $55,600. The truck is expected to have a salvage value of $3,700 at the end of its 4-year useful life. Compute annual depreciation for the first and second years using the straight-line method. Depreciable cost of $51,900, or ($55,600 - $3,700). With a 4-year useful life, annual depreciation is $12,975, or ($51,900 ÷ 4). Under the straight-line method, depreciation is the same each year. Thus, depreciation is $12,975 for both the first and second years. 3. Lightning Taxi Service uses the units-of-activity method in computing depreciation on its taxicabs. Each cab is expected to be driven 155,160 miles. Taxi no. 10 cost $39,920 and is expected to have a salvage value of $310. Taxi no. 10 is driven 30,860 miles in year 1 and 20,020 miles in year 2. Compute the depreciation for each year. (Round depreciation cost per unit to 2 decimal places, e.g. 10.50. Use rounded numbers for future calculations. Round final answers to 0 decimal places, e.g. 125.) The depreciation cost per unit is $0.26 cents per mile computed as follows: Depreciable cost ($39,920 - $310) ÷ 155,160 = $0.26 Year 1 30,860 miles × $0.26 = $8,024 Year 2 20,020 miles × $0.26 = $5,205 4. Marlins Company sells office equipment on September 30, 2010, for $20,258 cash. The office equipment originally cost $72,059
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10 - Class Exercises (with solutions) - ACC211 NVCC...

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