DISCUSSION lab 5 mcb (DNA purity) - DISCUSSION(INTRO It is...

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DISCUSSION (INTRO) It is important to isolate high quality of DNA. After purification of nucleic acid is done, their purity and density are needed to be evaluated. High quality of isolated DNA will result better visualization and observation. One popular method used in biochemistry and biomolecular chemistry to analyze nucleic acid is agarose gel electrophoresis. It separates a mixed population if DNA and RNA fragment by length and size by applying an electric field to move the negatively charged nucleic acid molecules through an agarose matrix. In simple word, it is like sieving the nucleic acid molecules with the agarose pores thus the larger protein molecules are separated from them. When DNA is placed in an electric field, it migrates toward positive electrode (anode) because DNA it self is negatively charged due to the negative charge of phosphate ion backbone in its structure. There are some factors that influence the speed of DNA migration within the agarose matrix such as the strength of electric field, the concentration of agarose in the gel and the size of DNA molecule it self. Thus, increasing the agarose concentration of a gel reduces the migration speed and enables separation
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DISCUSSION lab 5 mcb (DNA purity) - DISCUSSION(INTRO It is...

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