Tom Seely's Sample Persuasive Message

Tom Seely's Sample Persuasive Message - Sample Persuasive...

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Sample Persuasive Message 1 Running head: Sample Persuasive Message Sample Persuasive Message Tom Seely University of Phoenix
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Sample Persuasive Message With the rising effects of divorce and the struggle of the economic hardships, single adults discover it is difficult to find time for a social life. If this single person is also a parent, the complications are doubled because being a parent takes most of a person’s free time. In this, the dating scene has cut away to the electronic technology of today’s society. Online dating has become very popular in recent years since it offers privacy, time-saving research about a person and cost effective. At the same time, companies are generating revenue based upon the rising divorce rate and the emotions of people who want companionship. When discussing the behaviors involving online dating services, there are several that should be discussed. One of the biggest would be the price of an online dating service. With the economy the way it is, being mindful of spending is still an issue with many. Investing in a better, well-known or proven website may be worth the extra money versus a website, for example that may not have as many people on it, which means fewer people to choose from for dates. Although it may be cheaper than going out on a date, it saves time through a process of elimination, which brings up the next behavior of online dating. Time is something many people seem to consider a luxury they go without; time to themselves let alone going out on a date to explore new possibilities. With this statement, online dating opens up many new opportunities to the working population. Online dating takes several minutes to set up and then can be checked in only a few minutes. This offers a person the ability to check online during breaks, lunches, or even discreetly on company time. Because many people seem to juggle multiple tasks within a hectic lifestyle, online dating provides a person with the ability to check when desired, ignore if not interested or to go to the next level by communicating to a person through the electronic system through the website. This ensures a
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Tom Seely's Sample Persuasive Message - Sample Persuasive...

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