Fall_Orgo_Lab_2 - Krizia Gupiteo Locker # C7 30 September...

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Krizia Gupiteo 30 September 2009 Locker # C7 Experiment # 2 Addition of HBr to 1-hexene (microscale) Outline I. Materials = 10-mL round bottomed flask, 5-mL conical vial, apparatus for heating under reflux, simple distillation, magnetic stirring, flameless heating. II. Setting up and Addition 1. Equip the 10-mL round bottomed flask with the spin bar. 2. Add 500 µL (0.5 mL) of 1-hexene, 2 mL of 48% aqueous hydrobromic acid, and 150 mg of methyltrioctylammonium chloride. 3. Equip flask with water-cooled condenser and assemble apparatus for heating under reflux. 4. With rapid stirring heat the heterogeneous mixture under reflux for approximately 2 hours, and then allow mixture to cool to room temperature. III. Work up 1. Add 2 mL of petroleum ether to the reaction mixture, and shake the vial, venting as necessary to relieve pressure. 2. Allow the layers to separate. 3. Remove the aqueous layer with a Pasteur pipet. 4. Add 0.5 mL of 10% sodium bicarbonate solution, stir the mixture with a Pasteur pipet, and remove the aqueous layer after allowing separation. 5. Dry the reaction mixture over several microspatula-tips full of anhydrous sodium sulfate for approximately 15 min. Swirl the vial occasionally to hasten drying. Add additional portions of anhydrous sodium sulfate if the liquid remains cloudy.
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This note was uploaded on 02/28/2011 for the course CHEM 0225 taught by Professor Callahan during the Fall '09 term at NYU.

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Fall_Orgo_Lab_2 - Krizia Gupiteo Locker # C7 30 September...

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