Terrorism presentation sumary

Terrorism presentation sumary - 1) This article is focused...

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–This article is focused main on transnational terrorism as opposed to domestic terrorism in which the attack is carried out on the host country. In Transnational terrorism, for example, a hijacking may occur in one country and the attack is carried out in another country. 2) -These threats have become greatly heightened by the event of sept. 11 th in Ney York and March 11 th 2004 in Madrid -the magnitude of the attack had a profound impact on citizens around the world. Almost 3000 were killed which was the most substantial terrorist attack in history. -The attack on the twin towers cost between 80 and 90 billion -These attacks showed how easily a terrorist attack could be carried out. This made the public very insecure and showed that people could use everyday objects such as planes and trains to cause havoc in our society -The attacks created a need for increased homeland security which costs almost 50 billion a year -sept 11 th set the bar for future attacks. Which means we can only expect future attacks to be much worse. 3) – On march 11 th 2004, terrorist attacked commuter trains in Madrid, Spain, killing 191 people and injuring another 1200 -Terrorist will adapt their attacks to increased security and can carry them out almost anywhere which further exemplifies the idea that we need to respond to these attacks and put a stop to them. -The attacks on Madrid can be considered “Spill-Over” terrorism because political grievances in the Middle East caused an attack in Europe. This is also an example of transnational terrorism because it was planned in the Middle East and carried out in Spain. 4) – Game theory is basically a theory of competition between two players, in our case terrorist and governments, stated in terms of gains and losses among the two opposing forces. Or in other words, how terrorists and anti terrorism groups go back and forth between attacks and retaliation. -Game theory is applicable in this case for many reasons -First – it captures strategic interactions of various agents based on what they believe their counterpart will do. -Second – it also allows opponents to issues threats for a strategic advantage.
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Terrorism presentation sumary - 1) This article is focused...

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