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John Hebson WRTG 3040 – 012 Proofline Main Reason: Outsourcing minimizes cost and maximizes efficiency. Recommendation: Outsource your calling centers. Claim: Outsourcing will help our company create a higher profit margin. Rebuttal: Will Outsourcing create a bad image for the company and thus hurt sales? Refutation: Outsourcing will create jobs in developing countries as well as create an incentive for education in those countries so Rebuttal: What will happen to
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Unformatted text preview: the people being laid off to create these outsourced call centers? Refutation: They will be offered a transfer to another comparable Assumption: It helps a company to minimize cost and maximize efficiency in order to raise profit margins. Backing: Many other companies with the same business structure and consumer base have shown an increased profit margin from outsourcing their call centers which, in turn, increases their efficiency...
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