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Rebuttal for editorial - republicans with an obvious abuse...

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John Hebson Rebuttal: Payment is key in Healthcare reform The writer of the editorial attached 1 commits many logical fallacy’s. The most obvious one to me is assumed authority. The editor of the star tribune in Minnesota is probably not a health care expert or a political problem solver. He does however offer up many ideas of how to fix the health care system in our country. He claims that the root of the health care crisis is rising cost, but who is he to say that. There could be many other factors contributing to this problem. He shoots down the integrity of both democrats and
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Unformatted text preview: republicans with an obvious abuse of the arguer, saying that democrats are short sighted and republicans have a tired system. This editorial is obviously just a case of a moderately informed persuasive writer speaking his mind and providing unreachable solutions to problems that will most likely never go away. star tribune, “Payment is key in health care reform,” Star Tribune , June 28, 2009. (accessed September 28, 2009)....
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