Syllogism homework - 8-28-09

Syllogism homework - 8-28-09 - 6 Many people believe that...

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John Hebson 8-28-09 WRTG 3040 Syllogism Homework 1) Men with mean and hungry looks are dangerous. Cassius is a man with a mean and hungry look Cassius is dangerous. 2) Puritans hate to give people pleasure. Bear baiting gives pleasure to people. Puritans hate bear baiting. 3) We have no experience of the divine. Our ideas reach no farther than our experiences. Therefore, the divine does not exist. 4) Poetry is imaginative art. Many poets claim to be metaphysical. Because of this, they lose their right to be called poets. 5) Hunting is considered to be cruel. It gives tremendous pleasure to many people and also provides healthy outdoor recreation. Therefore, hunting is not cruel.
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Unformatted text preview: 6) Many people believe that Stronium 90 emitted from nuclear testing causes leukemia. No responsible scientist has been able to prove that Strontium 90 causes leukemia. Thus, we can continue nuclear testing with a clear conscience. 7) The perception of deities is far different from who or what they actually were. Lincoln has become one of our nation deities. Therefore, a realistic perception is no longer possible. 8) I have never hit anything that I have shot at. I tried to shoot and hit that man. Therefore, because of the laws of probability, I do not believe that I hurt that man....
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Syllogism homework - 8-28-09 - 6 Many people believe that...

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