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John Hebson 3-5-09 PHYS 4450 Term Paper Progress Summary To be honest, I have not spent very much time so far on this term paper.  I have had a  pretty jam packed past couple weeks with midterms and papers.  I have however been reading  some general articles about plate tectonics and the history of them.  From those article’s  bibliographies I have put together a list of some books that should be relevant.  I have not  actually checked out these books and found facts within them but I was planning on doing that  within the next week.  These books include,  Global Tectonics  by Philip Kearey and Frederick J. 
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Unformatted text preview: Vine, When did Plate Tectonics begin? Edited by Kent C. Condie and Victoria Pease, The Ocean of Truth: a Personal History of Global Tectonics by H.W. Menard, and Plate Tectonics: An insiders history of the Modern Theory of the Earth by Naomi Oreskes. These books have to deal with the history of the theory of plate tectonics and its development into the theory that we have today. They should have a large amount of information that will be vital to my paper. They will also lead me to other sources that will give me more information on the topic....
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