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MicrobiologyLab Midterm VerA - NAME ID Biology 2200...

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NAME______________________ ID __________________ Biology 2200 – Microbiology Laboratory Winter 2009-Section 14 Midterm Exam (Version A) Answer Key 75 points Instructions: This is a closed-book exam. Put your name and ID at the top of this page. Including the cover page, there are 5 pages for this exam which consists of 25 multiple choices questions. Make sure that you have a complete copy of the exam. You have 60 minutes to complete the exam. You have first 50 mins for answering the questions, and then enter your answer via CPS system. You should hand in your exam papers and answer sheet. Good Luck! MIDTERM EXAMINATION (BIO2200) Winter 2009 NAME: _______________________ I.D.: ________________________
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1. When you observe two points that are 425 nm apart under the microscope with 300nm limit of resolution, you can__________ A. Distinguish the two points as being separate B. Depend on individual objects C. Could not determine D. They will blur into one E. None of the above. 2. What microscope is used in observation of Yeast Budding? A. Bright field microscope B. Dark-field microscope C. Phase contrast microscope D. Fluorescence microscope E. None of the above 3. Which of the following is NOT increasing the resolution? A. Decrease the wavelength B. Use a blue or green filter C. Place Condenser on highest position D. Close up the diaphragm a little E. Use immersion oil between slide and 100X objective 4. Which one of the following is used in SDA agar to inhibit bacteria growth? A. Bile salt B. Crystal violet C. pH 5.6 D. Antibiotics penicillin 5. On a particular bright field microscope, the wavelength selected by the filter is 640nm, the numerical apertures of the condenser and medium power objective
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MicrobiologyLab Midterm VerA - NAME ID Biology 2200...

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