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Sectlon: Name: Elasticity in Aerospace Engineering Fall2009 Midterm ll AE 361 Applied Decemb€r 28, 2009 (5:30 pm - 7:30 pm) You can use si ple calculators as discussed in class. Closed book exam. No notes. Formula sheet will be handed out Please show all your work, Restate the problem in your solution sheetand dtaw a free bodydiagram! P.oblem 1:20points Problem 2: 40 poinxs Probl€m 3:40 points Total : 10Q points 1. A z-m-long pin-ended column of redangular cross section (12mm x 5 mm) is to be made of wood, Assuming E=€ GPa/- and usioga factor of safety of 2.5, determine the minimum buckling load. Assume an Eule. column.' -'i"&
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Probl€m 2. The cantilever beam shown in the Figure is in a state of plane strain and is rigid ly supported atx=1. Examine the followingstress function in relation to this problem: o = ;frr tsr:x?r 51./ - r7':.'r *.'s, Showthatthe stresses acting on the boundaries satisfithe conditions exceptfor a distributed direct stress atthefree end ofthe beamwhich exerts no resultantforce or bending moment. Problem 3. A steelrod of diameter d 50 mm (Sy 260 MPa) supports a;axialload P 5oR and vertical load R acting at the end of an 0.&m longarm. Det€rmine the stresses at pointAahd draw a schematicofthe siress state at pointA. Giv€n a factor of safetyn:2, computethe la
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mt2solutions - S ectlon Name E AE3 61 A ppliedElasticity A...

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