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Syllabus AEE 361 Advanced Elasticity Fall 2009 Instructor Asst. Prof. Dr. Demirkan Çöker 312-210-4282 Office hours: Mon 17:00-18:00 or by appointment Class M O N D A Y W E D N E S D A Y Section 001 Classroom: AE124 Time: 10:40-12:30 15:40—16:30 Section 002 Classroom: AE124 Time: 13:40-15:30 16:40—17:30 Teaching Assistants TA Office hours: to be determined M. Burak Sayar Learning Objectives At the end of the course, the student should be able to design and analyze aerospace engineering components subject to different types of loading. In particular, the objective is to introduce the student to i) the methods of stress, deformation and stability analysis in the design of aerospace engineering components, ii) failure theories, fatigue analysis and thermal stress analysis in the design process, iii) the use of computer tools to solve problems in mechanics. Independent learning, professionalism and applications to real engineering applications and problems will be stressed throughout. Measurable Outcomes The achievement of the learning objectives will be measured through the students' ability to: 1. apply mathematical tools to solve mechanics problems, 2. compute the stress, strain and displacement in a beam subject to normal and shear loads, 3. compute the stresses in shafts due to torsion, 4. use the governing equations for 3-D and 2-D solid mechanics, 5. compute the critical load that a component can withstand using different failure criteria including maximum shear stress criteria, von Mises criteria and buckling criteria. 6. design a component for a specified fatigue life, 7. use computational tools to model and analyze structural components, 8. carry out a design project in a team environment and present the results. Prerequisites Undergraduate statics, dynamic, calculus, and strength of materials background or permission of the instructor. Lectures There will be one lecture of 2 hours and one lecture of one hour a week. Student attendance is necessary to maximize the learning experience. Course Work The course work includes homework assignments (both reading and problem solving), tests, quizzes and a design project. Project There will be one major structural design project that will be announced in the beginning of the semester. The project will be carried out by teams of 3 students. The teams will be defined by the instructor in the beginning of the semester. The teams will submit an engineering report and give a professional presentation. Homework Assignments
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syllabus - Syllabus Fall 2009 Instructor Asst. Prof. Dr....

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