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FIN390 Chapter 1 Content - Chapter 1 Introduction to...

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Chapter 1 Introduction to corporate Finance Lecture Notes Chapter Organization Chapter Web Sites Suggested Videos Self Quiz Lecture Notes As in all textbooks, the first chapter is an introduction to the course and a preview of what is included in the later chapters. We start with the discussion on what is involved in corporate finance: what's the role of a financial manager and what is involved in making financial decisions. The chapter also introduces the concept of Capital budgeting dealing with long term investments. This is a complex topic and is discussed in detail in a later chapter. We talk about capital structure (debt vs. equity issues) and working capital management (cash, accounts receivable and inventory). We also discuss the Forms of Business Organization. You should understand the advantages/disadvantages of Sole-proprietorship, partnerships and corporations. We discuss the goal of financial management which is shareholder wealth maximization. How is this different from Profit maximization you studied in your economics
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FIN390 Chapter 1 Content - Chapter 1 Introduction to...

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