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week 1 assignment com156

week 1 assignment com156 - Three challenges that might...

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Three challenges that might arise when writing a paper could be writing phobias, lack of time, and struggling about your thesis sentence or topic. I have personally experienced these challenges when I was in high school having to write essays and papers. Writing anxiety and writer’s block are situational. For example, you may be perfectly fine with writing a paper on American Culture but you might feel hesitant about writing a paper on topics that could be sensitive to people, such as, gay marriages or politics. When I was in high school some topics were off limits for what we could write about because it would cause controversy between people and I understand that. Some people have trouble writing because of their lack of understanding or critical ability. The only way you would not have enough time to do your paper is if procrastinate in doing your paper until the last minute, unless some emergency comes up that you cannot control. Writing often requires difficult tasks of reading, comprehending,
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