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week 4 assignment - Moving into your own place will be one...

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Moving into your own place will be one of the biggest accomplishments you can do in your life. Whether you buy a home or rent an apartment would be your decision. When you are trying to decide whether you should buy a home or rent an apartment, you do have to take some things into consideration. You have to take in the advantages and disadvantages of buying a home or renting an apartment and decide the best option for you. One way to do this is to write down all of the pros and cons on a piece of paper for buying and renting, then go back and read over them after you are done. When you buy a home, at a minimum you should pay at least ten percent but if you pay less than twenty percent, you should expect to pay for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). You also want to get homeowner’s insurance, which is more expensive than renter’s insurance. You also have to be aware that property taxes change and buyers are responsible for association dues (maintenance to the landscape and entryways to the subdivision). The home’s value can decrease in cost because of school budget collapses,
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