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The first mistakes I see in this review are a grammar and spelling errors which can be fixed with the grammar and spell check. In the first paragraph, third sentence, the word “it’s” is a conjunction for the words “it is”. The word that is supposed to be there is “its”. Also the word “successful” is misspelled in the fourth paragraph, second sentence. You can also add commas, check verb tenses, agreement of verb subject and verb problems, suggestions to avoid using first person point of view, correct use of words, and sentence fragments. There are also some short sentences that could have been combined together to make longer sentences, but a combination of short and long sentences is good to have in a paper. I would not have referred back to the movie Batman Begins so much because the review is supposed to be about The Dark Knight . It seems like the author of this review is talking more about Batman Begins than The Dark Knight . The colloquial language, informal language that should not be used in a paper, must be
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